Uncover the Hidden Strategies that will Enable You to Meet Your Heroes and Have Access to the Information that You Need to Finally Build the Life of Your Dreams!
Want to learn how to stand out from everyone else that is trying to reach your hero? 
Here's What You'll Get When You Join
Inside Meet Your Hero you'll find 5 videos jam packed with the most essential information you need to get started with the new way of networking.

You're going to go from feeling like you're missing something, isolated, and unimportant to feeling confident in your ability to get plugged in to the top people in your industry and FINALLY have access to the information you need to be able to build the life of your dreams.

There's no fluff here just the practical step-by-step process that I use to connect with my heroes.
  •  How to craft a perfect list of people that will level up your network.
  •  How to create a meaningful request so those people will actually want to respond.
  •  What platform gets the highest response rates so you have an even better chance of getting a reply.
  •  Exact templates to use when messaging someone of importance so you don't have to spend days trying to think of what to say.
  •  How to get the attention of busy people without being annoying, pushy, or sounding like Networking Ned.
  •  How to be persistent without coming off as desperate or creepy.  
Hint: This last one is key, most of your heroes will ignore you the first time and there's a specific reason for this I tell you about in the course.
By the end of this course you'll be able to meet, communicate, or work with someone you respect or admire, that you previously had no idea how to reach!
Meet Your Instructor - Travis Chappell
Travis Chappell is a direct sales expert, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and professional connector. He is the creator and host of Build Your Network, a podcast dedicated to helping professionals cultivate genuine relationships, grow their inner circle, and leverage a powerful network the right way.

Throughout the Meet Your Hero Course, Travis will teach you everything you've wanted to know about connecting to the top 1% in your industry so that you can grow your business, expand your network, and elevate your status, while making meaningful connections along the way.

What Influencers Have To Say...

Kevin Harrington - Original 'Shark' from NBC's Shark Tank

"If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s how valuable it is to be in at the ground floor of something big. If you have the opportunity to work with Travis now, you are getting in on the ground floor. I highly suggest following him, connecting with him, and working with him!”

Ed Mylett - Entrepreneur, Top Wealthiest 50 under 50

 "Travis is the type of guy to MAX OUT everything he does. Highly recommend following him and working with him.” 

John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneurs on Fire

"I know Travis personally, and he has a genuine desire to serve others. I recommend him at the highest level. He will not disappoint."
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